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We Have A Variety of Ministries That Cater to All Ages.

At Breath Of God Church, we strive to help you and your family grow closer to God through exciting, spiritual experiences, but it doesn't end there. We invite you to serve others, too! Through ministries at Breath of God, you can expect to be challenged in your own life while helping others along the way.


We believe there is no such thing as being too young to learn about God. We encourage you to register your child for Breath Of God Children’s Ministry on Sundays at 12:30 pm, so your child can start learning the simple truths about God through exciting worship, relevant messages, activities, and games. If you would like more information about our children’s ministry, check us out on Facebook or email us at


Every Wednesday night at 7 pm students from the ages of 12-18 play basketball, dance, hangout, pray, worship and hear a relevant sermon. We meet the physical, social, and spiritual needs of teenagers all in 60 minutes. Our prayer is that the love of God would flood every single teenager's life that walks through the doors, that the Spirit of God floods our sanctuary every time we gather, and that our students would become a flood of God's presence in their schools, homes and communities.


It is the vision of the Men of Valor (MOV) ministry to impact and empower male believers with transformative truths that will enable them to experience a richer, fuller relationship with Christ. Our approach is a practical, pragmatic assessment of obstacles and the removing of blockages that have historically deterred them from being successful in Kingdom growth. It is our vision to enhance and guide men into biblical sound relationships in their families and churches by making continual deposits into their spiritual, emotional, and economic development as they seek their rightful place in the Kingdom of God!


The vision of God's Opulent Daughters (GOD) women's ministry is to serve women, while teaching them how to serve others. The women's ministry believes in embracing life and learning how to be the women God desires. Women's fellowship addresses the everyday issues that confront women: marriage, finances, leadership, attitudes, behaviors, thinking processes, and positive change. 


At Breath Of God Church, we like to roll up our sleeves and get involved in community activities beyond the walls of our sanctuary and encourage our members to do the same. Throughout the year, you can find us in local neighborhoods spearheading food drives, Angel Tree donations or volunteering in local shelters. If you want to help those less fortunate, please contact us at to sign up and donate your time. 

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