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our mission

   To equip every believer with the Spiritual and Natural tools needed to WIN in their Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Financial and Relationship lives.


We will accomplish our mission by



our pastor

Our Mission


The mission of the Breath of God Church is to breathe life into every aspect of people lives.  First, through biblical kingdom preaching and teaching to gain spiritual and financial prosperity in families. Second, by helping Gods people discover their individual gifting and calling, through offering an environment where their gifting and calling can be developed and used for the kingdom of God.  Third, by helping the people of God build strong godly families, communities, businesses, and schools. We will accomplish our mission by Reaching, Loving and Serving

our pastors:








Frederick Potts is the Senior Pastor of Breath of God Church, a vibrant and life-giving church in Fayetteville, NC. In 2008 with a group of ten faithful individuals, Pastor Fred and his wife, Rashida, started Breath of God Church by holding bible study in their home. Breath of God Church held its first public service on October 15, 2008. Since that time, under Pastor Fred’s leadership, with an incredible team of staff and volunteers, Breath of God Church has witnessed God doing amazing things!


Pastor Fred holds associate degrees in banking and finance and general education, a bachelor’s degree in theology, and a master’s degree in Christian Leadership from Moriah Bible College. Pastor Fred fully accepted his call to preach at the age of 24. He has a passion to see people transformed by the truth of the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit; people who are reaching their God-given potential and walking in their God-designed life. Known for his innovative approach and never a dull moment services, Pastor Fred believes wholeheartedly in developing creative and cutting-edge ways to reach people for the cause of Christ. He is a firm believer that we have been given the power by God to win in every area of our lives.


Pastor Fred has also served on the advisory and executive board of Grace College of Divinity, a fully accredited bible college founded by Manna Church in Fayetteville, NC. Grace College of Divinity has received numerous awards and recognitions.

Pastor Fred is also the founder and CEO of Kingdom Empowerment Group, Inc., which is a Christian empowerment, mentoring, and training network designed for pastors, ministers, entrepreneurs, community, and business leaders.

Personal Life

As a devoted husband to his wife, First Lady Rashida Potts, Pastor Fred eagerly supports his beautiful wife of more than 18 years. Rashida Potts, a best friend, a mother, and a loving wife, is Pastor Fred’s chief advocate as well. Lady Rashida and Pastor Fred have managed every business opportunity and personal endeavors with their unwavering faith in God. The power couple has successfully raised four beautiful children:Jyhree, Fred Jr., Serenity and Isaiah.

our 8 core values

1. Godly Integrity

2. Godly Faith

3. Godly Worship

4. Godly Giving

5. Godly Servanthood

6. Godly Diversity

7. Godly Excellence

8. Godly Fellowship

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